Internship period of on-site/on-the-job posting, the intern, while contributing to the work at site is expected to achieve proficiency in his respective stream. This internship helps the student in gaining the essential skills that would be useful in creating a successful career as the learner gets exposed to real life situations and their proper solutions. This enables him or her to learn the basic skills needed in future professional life. Additionally, during the internship, the student is expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the site of posting and strictly adhere and follow instructions of the designated site officer leading to the understanding about HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) in a better way.

The organization gains through the availability of a trained engineer who throughout the internship makes a positive contribution at site as he is tuned to the organisation’s needs and environment. The organisation also gains this valuable resource at a minimal sourcing and administrative cost and if found suitable, the candidate turns out into an asset as a future employee.