Internship Programs Offered

Practicing faculty members and individuals desirous of becoming professional trainers would be provided with the bridge programs. Such internships are categorized as short term Training of Trainers (TOT) program.

Short Term (TOT)Internship Program

Standard internship training durations are of one month that provides relatively better exposure of industrial working practices. Credits of such programs are standard. Such internships are categorized as medium term internships.

Medium TermInternship Program

Internships with a dedicated industrial posting/site assignments of six month duration help learners in absorbing the inputs of training in a better manner. Credits of such programs are standard. Such internships are categorized as long term internships.

Long TermInternship Program

In case the desired training programs be of specific topic requiring shorter or longer durations compared to standard ones, durations and related credit points are altered to match the framework requirements. Such internships are categorized as tailor made internships.

Tailor MadeInternship Program

Top Featured Programs

CIDC-Construction Project Professional Program

Over the last two decades, CIDC has been responsible for imparting training leading to successful employment to over half a million youth. Based on articulated industry needs, CIDC has developed the Construction Project Professional Programme for creating proficient construction personnel useful to the industry. Applications are invited from young civil engineers desirous of serving the construction Industry after successful completion of the offered CIDC-Construction Project Professional Program.

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Why Internship is important

Technological advancement and rapid growth of the Indian industrial sector requires professional education system to continuously update and upgrade at a matching pace, so that the learners are well educated in modern technologies and can innovate to meet future challenges. However, due to substantially vast numbers of learners from various technology and management streams and limited resources, the professional institutions like engineering or management colleges and Universities are finding updating of the education systems and skilling of enrolled students somewhat difficult. The situation demands infusion of such avenues in the current education system and the optimum solution is the industry-academia relationship. The internship programs aims to provide such support to stakeholders.

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Internship Focus

Productivity 80%
Quality 60%
Safety & Environment 90%
Management 50%
Accounting 80%

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